I am a Qualified Medical Examiner; I provide both evaluation and treatment for many types of forensic and private cases. In regard to workers compensation, I am frequently used as a Panel Qualified Medical Examiner, Joint Panel, and Agreed Medical Examiner. In addition, I am available for providing psychiatric evaluations for AOE-COE issues, and fitness for duty evaluations prior to surgery. I provide attorney-client evaluations in challenging cases. In addition, I evaluate personal injury including motor vehicle accidents, physical injuries, sexual harassment, and product liability. I have been qualified in Superior Court as an expert on numerous occasions. Also in labor cases including wrongful termination I have provided evaluations. For workers compensation I will be available to the primary treating physician: for example, orthopedic chiropractors, etc., to provide psychiatric evaluations and treatment. The California State Bar has approved me to provide lectures on these topics and give MCLE Credits/Certifications. I am available to come to your office and give a presentation. To make an appointment or referral, please see the appointments tab.

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